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Government District Sets Example
November 24, 2008, 12:12 am
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In an article in The Globe newspaper, Mayor Menino expressed his wishes to turn Boston’s government center into the state’s first “green” development district. He hopes this will encourage public agencies and private companies to take charge of a renewal of the city’s downtown in an environmentally friendly manner.

The effort is to create a new redevelopment plan that incorporates clean-energy technologies and sustainable design in a 100-acre area that includes some of Boston’s most valuable real estate. Plan recommendations will likely come from the region’s top universities and developers. The ways in which the government district is renewed will then serve as a model as to how the rest of downtown Boston should proceed.

Boston's City Hall.

Boston's City Hall

Pivotal in the plan is many people’s desire to relocate City Hall, possibly on the South Boston Waterfront. This leads to a related article which explains the heated discussion regarding City Hall. In the community, there are three schools of thought regarding how the building should be dealt with. One group believe the building is so ugly and inefficient that is should be demolished and a new one be built in its place. Another group believes that City Hall should move, but leave the building to be sold in the market. The third group thinks that the building is an icon, and it can be sensitively retrofitted to reach everybodys needs. The building in particular is of the Brutalist style, which many people think should be left in order to preserve the modern heritage. Currently, public hearings are being conducted so that ideas and suggestions can be taken. Many experts are presenting a variety of design ideas on how to green the site, but as for now, Boston’s City Hall will remain as an iconic piece of modern architecture.

City Hall atrium.

City Hall atrium.


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